Personalised Guitar Gift Set

The ultimate gift for the guitar god or goddess in your life!

Each gift set comes with a personalised notebook, decoration, capo, guitar sticker pleactrums and slider, all packaged in a personalised wooden box.

Please see our drop down menus for all the relevant personalisation, colour choices and sizes.

Made From

The notebook is made from carbon neutral 100% recycled premium paper, and is printed and bound by hand in our Surrey based studio.

The guitar decoration is cut and printed onto hardboard with a gloss finish, comes accompanied with a natural twine allowing you to hang up straight away.

The guitar capo is made from a zinc alloy and printed directly onto using our scratch resistant inks, comes packaged in a box making it the perfect ready made gift.

The guitar sticker is cut from high quality matt vinyl with a 5-7 year exterior life.

The plectrums are made from a 0.8mm nylon which are contained in a small metal tin with a screw on lid, making it practical and safe to carry around.

The slider is made from solid stainless steel with a highly polished finished and smooth rounded edges. The guitar slider has a good weight to it.


Notebook - H15cm x W11 x D1cm

Each guitar decoration varies in size due to the different styles of guitar, however the approximate dimensions of each guitar are - W3-4cm x H8-9cm.

Capo - W7cm x H9cm

Guitar Sticker - H3cm

Plectrums - 0.8mm thick /Tin - 4cm diameter

Slider - L6cm, D3cm

Please note these measurements are to the nearest cm.