Personalised Family Bear Spaghetti Kitchen Measure

Make cooking time fun with this 'unbearably' cute family bear spaghetti measure, the perfect accessory for every spaghetti loving household!

Personalise this metal spaghetti measure with your family name, chosen family members and the amount of spaghetti per bear.

Whether mummy has a small portion and daddy has a big bear portion, you can choose these options from the dropdown menu.

We recommend 100g as the standard potion for an adult, our 160g is a big bear portion and the 20g/40g are for younger children.


Each measure is 4.5cm in height, the width is dependant on the number of bears chosen.

Made From

Each spaghetti measure is cut from 1.2mm thick mirror stainless steel which can be easily wiped clean and is dishwasher safe.