Personalised Eco Warrior Challenge Dispenser

Help keep the planet green with our eco warrior ticket dispenser, the perfect gift for the eco-minded friend in your life.

Each little box contains 20 challenges and lifestyle swaps to encourage low impact living -

- Choose and eco friendly water bottle.

- Opt for in season fruits and veggies in your shop.

- Choose one day to go meat free.

- Share a lift to work, cycle or use public transport.

- Look up your closest zero waste shop and plan a visit.

- Take part in a beach or environment clean up.

- Switch to recycled or tree free toilet paper.

- Try a bamboo toothbrush.

- Recycle as much as you can, sort your waste.

- Create clean air with houseplants.

- Switch to beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm.

- Upcycle and reuse items, try a charity shop for your next purchase.

- Switch yourlightbulbs to energy efficient types.

- Collect rainwater, and use it to water your houseplants and garden.

- Repurpose jars as leftover containers.

- Bring a reusable shopping bag when going out.

- User paperless e-tickets.

- Join an environmental group in your area.

- Use razors with replaceable blades.

- Plant a tree, or support a charity that does.

Made From

Each dispenser is made from aluminium metal, printed with a gloss finish and contains 20 tear-off challenges.


The dispenser box measures - W5cm x H5cm x D3cm.

Each ticket measures - H2cm x W4.5cm.