Personalised Couples Initial Heart Steak Brander

Add a personal touch to your steak with this unique steak brander, the perfect gift for the aspiring chef and meat lover in your life.

Personalise this brander with your chosen initials, we then cut and weld each one in our Surrey based studio.

To use the steak brander,

1) Hold the end of the brander over the naked flame of a gas ring (a crème brûlée torch will also work) for approximately 30-60 seconds.*

2) Press the brander onto the cooked steak for approximately 5 seconds, allowing it to sear the steak.

3) Immediately place the steak brander into a bowl or bucket of cold water, submerging at least half of the brander into the water. do not submerge the wooden handle in water.

4) Leave the steak brander in the water for at least 2 minutes so that it can thoroughly cool.

5) When the steak brander has thoroughly cooled down, remove it from the water and dry it. Coat the steak brander in a light coating of cooking oil to prevent the steel from rusting.

*The steak brander will become very hot when heated and must be handled with extreme caution, never touch any of the metal parts of the steak brander during or after heating due to a risk of burning, do not put down a heated steak brander or leave it unattended, place in cold water straight after use, this product is suitable for adults only.


H33 x W6 x D5cm

Made From

Made from solid mild steel, with a wooden handle.