Footprint Vinyl Sticker Set

These cheeky footsteps add a touch of humour to any room, whether on the floor, walls, ceiling, windows or stairs!

    Great in living rooms and bedrooms, these fantastic footsteps add a huge amount of character to a room. Choose between chicken, cat, dog, human or even dinosaur!

    This vinyl wall sticker has a matt finish, so it looks like it has been painted onto the wall.

    Simply peel and stick the stickers to the wall however you choose. All of our wall stickers are removable. Great for sticking onto walls, ceilings, furniture, windows and mirrors.


    Set A 'Chicken' (6 pairs) : Each Foot W4cm x H6cm

    Set B 'Cat' (6 pairs) : Each Foot W4cm x H4cm

    Set C 'Dog' (6 pairs) : Each Foot W5cm x H6cm

    Set D 'Human' (3 pairs) : Each Foot W8cm x W20cm

    Set E 'Dinosaur' (3 pairs) : Each Foot W21cm x 21cm

      Colour Palette