Transparent Personalised Oak Photo Frame

Display your photos on transparent acrylic mounted into a wooden block of solid oak, complete with an optional personalised text engraving.

The beautiful transparent effect is created by printing your photo onto a thick acrylic pane which is then slotted into a block of solid oak.

Overlap multiple picture frames in different sizes to create a captivating display.

Available in ten different sizes to suit portrait selfies, landscape sunsets, and square instagram snaps from your smart phone.

This unique picture works really well placed on a window sill, the light shines through the clear acrylic, illuminating your photo.

Hints and tips:

High contrast photos with a good resolution and image quality work best, however clear non-blurry camera phone photos look good too.

Please remember that white in the image will appear clear when printed onto the acrylic but strong colours on light/white backgrounds or light colours on dark backgrounds give the best effect.

Please note: even high quality photos will have a slightly faded photo style once printed and applied to the acrylic.

Available in ten different picture sizes.

Notes: We do not provide proofs for this product unless specifically requested and photos will be cropped to size if necessary. We will only contact and clarify with customers if a face is being cropped out.



This product is available in the following picture sizes:

6" x 4.5" Landscape or Portrait

8" x 6" Landscape or Portrait

10.6" x 8" Landscape or Portrait

4.5" Square

6" Square

8" Square

10.6" Square

The oak stand is 30mm in depth, and raises the image 20mm off the surface it's placed on.

Made From

The image is printed onto a thick pane of shatterproof clear acrylic. The inks are UV stable and will not fade.

The holder is made from solid untreated oak, sanded smooth. We mill and laser engrave the oak ourselves, in our Surrey workshop.