Personalised Word Cloud Typographic Print

This fully personalised 'Word Cloud' print makes the perfect gift. The personalisation allows you to tell the recepient what you love about them.

Capture your loving thoughts in a bespoke word cloud to display special memories and thoughts. Available in a large selections of designs.

Our graphic designers will carefully arrange your chosen words into a special, one off peice of art. This is then printed onto high quality art paper, and framed if required.

Choose from three different fonts, seven colour schemes and four background colours. See the photos for examples of each.

Use the boxes on the right to tell us all of the words you would like included in your word cloud, these can be single words, or two word phrases. The text put into the 'Main Word/s' box will be the largest text in your cloud. In the photos this was 'Mum'.

Then fill in as many of the other boxes as you like with the other text you would like in your cloud. Start with the words which you would like to appear the largest. The text in the first three boxes will be largest.