Personalised Song Lyric Vinyl Wall Sticker

Fully personalised song lyrics of your choice as a wall sticker, in your choice of font, colour and size.

This personalised wall sticker allows you to put your favourite song lyrics or quote of your choice on any wall of your choice.

1) Look at the images and choose from one of our six different styles.

2) Type your chosen quote into the boxes provided.

3) Decide which words, if any, you would like in the second font from your chosen style and put these words in brackets. This allows you to put emphasis on certain words in your lyrics/quote.

4) Choose the dimensions you would like your quote to be from the drop down menu. The price will update automatically. Please note that we will resize quotes to match the selected width, but height may vary depending on the number of lines and the style chosen. Quotes with a maximum line length of less than 40 characters will be smaller in width than the size selected, they will be cut in a way that uses the same amount of vinyl as a quote which does have 40 characters.

5) Add an artist/author to your lyrics/quote. Please see the images for examples of this. Make sure that you select the right size, otherwise the artists name will not match the rest of the sticker.


Small: 57cm wide

Medium: 115cm wide

Large: 200cm wide