Personalised Solid Copper Photo Booth Style Print

This fun and on-trend copper photo print is the perfect way to display your favourite snaps.

Whether it's your favourite selfies, holiday snaps, Instagram pictures or just memorable moments, this photo booth style copper print is the perfect way to cherish those memories and display them in a unique way.

You can add personalised text underneath the images as well as having the option to add a message to the bottom of the product, this is great for gifting occasions or simply adding information about the images.

If you would like specific line breaks please include a '//' where you would like these.

We recommend the photo size to be a minimum of 260 x 260 pixels

PLEASE NOTE: Images that are not square - i.e rectangle - will be cropped to fit a square image. We do not provide proofs unless requested. Please open an enquiry after ordering, to request a proof, or for any other issue.


Medium: H12 x W10 x D3cm

Large: H17 x W14 x D4cm

Dimensions are to the nearest cm.

Made From

Made from a single sheet of thick folded copper, stainless steel, or brass all with a brushed finish coated to prevent fingerprints. Printed in special hard wearing and waterproof inks directly onto the metal.

This product and its components are designed, sourced, and manufactured in England.