Personalised Solid Copper Photo Booth Print

A unique and on trend way to celebrate and cherish your favourite moments, printed directly onto a sheet of brushed copper.

This photo style soild metal print looks fantastic with your Instagram pictures, selfies, family photos, and holiday snaps. The metal has a brushed finish which we print directly onto, so your photos will look great. The prints are waterproof and highly scratch resistant too.

Introduce some copper tone to your decor with this fabulously unique 'Copper Photo Booth Print.'

Made From
Made from a single sheet of thick copper. Printed in special hard wearing and waterproof inks directly onto the metal, with a clear varnish printed over the image to further enhance the quality and prevent tarnishing.

This product and its components are designed, sourced, and manufactured in England.

H37cm x W15cm x D0.9mm

Dimensions are to the nearest centimeter.