Personalised Slot Together Portable Pizza Oven

This slot together steel pizza oven is perfect for pizza lovers who like making fires to add that authentic wood-fired taste to their pizzas.

We designed the pizza oven to flat pack down into two parts, which are simple to transport with their carry handles. This makes it easy to store the pizza oven when not in use, or even take it with you on a camping trip, to a friends house, or even to the beach!

The pizza oven slots together without any tools in under five minutes.

The front of the pizza oven has a large bottom compartment underneath the pizza. Make a small fire in this compartment using a handful of wooden kindling.

The fire will draw in air from the front, which will then circulate around the back of the pizza oven and over the top of the pizza, before leaving the front of the oven. Above the fire compartment is the thick steel pizza plate, which gets heated up by the fire, ensuring your pizza has a crisp base. The combination of the heated air and smoke flowing over the top of the pizza, and the hot steel plate under the pizza, work together to perfectly cook your pizzas whilst the smoke adds flavour.

Important Information

It is important that the pizza oven is allowed to heat up and cool down slowly. Using water to cool down the pizza oven, or making a large fire in the pizza oven may cause the metal to become warped and misshapen.

We have found that a small fire with a handful of kindling provides the correct amount of heat for the perfect pizzas!

Do not store your pizza oven outside or it will rust and you may then struggle to take it apart. For storage, the pizza oven should be given a light coating of oil, before being kept in a dry place with low humidity.

You may wish to season the steel pizza plate and the rest of the oven. This is a process which bonds oil to the surface of the metal, giving it non-stick properties and an increased resistance to corrosion. To do this simply wipe a thin layer of flax seed oil over the metal, then slot the pizza oven together and build a medium sized fire in the pizza oven. Keep the fire going for 60-90 minutes before leaving the pizza oven to slowly cool down. The pizza oven will arrive coated with a thin layer of oil in preparation for this.

Clean the steel after use and coat it with a thin layer of flax seed oil to reduce rusting. It is normal for the pizza oven to become discoloured with use, this will not effect the performance.

Please note, due to the weight of the product, we are unable to offer international delivery for this item.

Made From

Made from thick mild steel with a bamboo and steel carry handles.

The pizza oven is made from mild steel, it will have a patina on the metal from new which will include some patches of light surface rust and some scratches, this patina will develop over time with use and exposure to the elements. Please note that this is the nature of the material, and we do not accept returns for aesthetic marks on the metal which do not affect it's use. The pizza oven will change colour with use as the metal is heated up, we have tried to illustrate this in our photography.

You can expect the pizza oven to blacken over time, a scouring pad can be used to remove surface patina and soot if preferred.


H38 x W43 x D43cm, approx 18kg

Fire can be dangerous, always keep flammable material away from the surrounding area. Make sure that the pizza oven is located on a sturdy, flat and non-flammable surface. Keep children and animals away from the fire. Do not touch the pizza oven during use or for an hour after the fire has thoroughly gone out. Wait until all heat has left the pizza oven before un-assembling it.