'Personalised Floral Typography' Wall Sticker

Add some floral chicness to your walls with this completely personalised typography wall sticker.

Simply type in what you want in the option box and we do the rest. So whether its a word or phrase this wall sticker not only looks gorgeous on your walls but makes a fabulous gift too!

The vinyl is matte, so you will not get any glare or reflections on the vinyl.

1) Type your chosen quote into the boxes provided. Use a forward slash to represent a new line of text.

2) Choose which size you would like. *Please note: This is the width of the text before it is put onto separate lines, and not the width of a quote on multiple lines.* For example, a 100cm wide quote on two even lines would measure 50cm wide when it is on two lines. You may like to order your quote without line breaks, and cut it into separate lines during application.

3) Choose from four patterns for you personalised quote using the relevant drop down menu.

4) Select your desired typeface.

5) Add a squeegee if required. These wallet sized, soft plastic rectangles really help you to apply your wall sticker to the wall or window. We highly recommend them.

Please see the drop down menu for the exact width of your quote. Please note that this is the width of all of the text before being put onto separate lines.