Personalised Bike Christmas Tree Decoration

Add some wheelie cool style to your Christmas tree this festive season, with these fun and personal bicycle tree decorations.

Whether you tear down trails on your full sus' MTB, conquer hills on your road bike, or commute through the city on your folding bike; we have the perfect Christmas tree decoration for you.

Choose your bike type and colour, then add your chosen text to the frame.

Choose from 7 different bicycles -

Road Bike

BMX Bike

Touring Bike

Mountain Bike

Town Bike

Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Folding Bike

You can also choose from 16 different colours.

Personalise each bike with your chosen name.


Each bike varies in size due to the different styles of bikes, however the approximate dimensions of each bike are: W8-9cm x H5-7cm.

Made From

Each bike is cut and printed onto hardboard with a gloss finish, comes accompanied with a natural cotton twine allowing you to hang up straight away.