'Namaste Two Metres Away' Adult Face Mask With Filter

Add a little fun and colour to an item that is used to protect and keep you and keep others safe too.

Each mask comes with two PM2.5 removable filters, ideal for catching airborne particulates.

Mask is machine washable at 60°C. We recommend washing after one day of use. Filters are disposable and cannot be washed. We advise replacing the filter up to seven days of use.

Disclaimer: These masks are not medical masks and we make no medical claims about their effectiveness. They are intended for personal use at home and when around others, they do not mitigate the need to follow social distancing guidelines. The mask and filter are designed to capture a high percentage of airborne particles.

Due to the type of product, we are unable to accept returns.

Made From
Made from soft fabric with a good degree of elasticity to help create an effective fit. The adjustable ear loops are made from soft elasticated cord. Each mask has a concealed pouch to hold the PM2.5 filter (two filters are included with every mask).