Meerkat Vinyl Wall Sticker Set

These cute, fun and mischievous meerkats would love to live in your house! Available both as single meerkats or as a wall sticker pack.

These meerkat wall stickers are great for hallways, on top of door frames, in children's bedrooms and along skirting boards.

Choose your favourite stickers, or buy them as a pack and save 30%.

These vinyl wall stickers have a matt finish, so they look like they have been painted onto the wall.

The vinyl graphic will be supplied with backing paper already applied, simply stick it to the wall and carefully peel off the backing paper. Full wall sticker instructions are included.

Our wall stickers are sent in a cardboard postal tube and wrapped in coloured tissue paper.

These meerkat wall stickers are available in sixteen different colours. and two different sizes.


The height for each meerkat in each size is as follows:

Meerkat one - Medium: 11cm, Large: 20cm

Meerkat two - Medium: 11cm, Large: 20cm

Meerkat three - Medium: 15cm, Large: 27cm

Meerkat four - Medium: 30cm, Large: 54cm

Meerkat five - Medium: 26cm, Large: 47cm

Meerkat six - Medium: 19cm, Large: 34cm

Dimensions are to the nearest centimetre, the size given is the size when applied to the wall.