Jungle Monkey Children's' Wall Sticker Set

Transform your child's bedroom or playroom into a colourful jungle with this fantastic Jungle Monkey wall sticker set!

This sticker set includes - 1 x hanging monkey, 1 x baby monkey on branch, 1 x toucan on branch, 1 x corner bunch of foliage, 4 x leaves, 4 x vines

Additional packs of butterflies and other creatures are available to complete your jungle scene, just choose your additional packs in the drop down menu.

Wall stickers are a simple and creative way to give some personality to any blank wall. The matt finish on the vinyl makes the wall sticker look like it has been painted on.

This sticker set comes in the colours and style shown in the images. Parts can be arranged and trimmed into any position you choose.

A mirrored option is available, please see images for example

Made From
This fabulous wall sticker is cut from high quality matt vinyl. It is suitable for interior and exterior use on walls, windows and other smooth surfaces. It removes without a residue. Application instructions are included.

PLEASE NOTE: Freshly painted walls and surfaces must be left a minimum of 3-4 weeks before applying vinyl wall stickers.

Dimensions are to the nearest centimetre.

Hanging Monkey - W47cm x H60cm

Baby monkey on branch - W132cm x H51cm

Toucan on branch - W96cm x H63cm

Corner bunch of foliage - W50cm x H67cm

Leaves - Biggest: W64cm x H20cm, Smallest: W40cm x H17cm

Vines - Biggest: W75cm x H60cm, Smallest: W68cm x H25cm


Butterflies Pack (Pack of 4) -

Largest: W13cm x H10cm,

Smallest: W9cm x H10cm,

Chameleon Pack (2 x Chameleons, 1 x Branch) -

Adult Chameleon: W21cm x H17cm,

Baby Chameleon: W12cm x H8cm,

Branch: W61cm x H14cm