Geometric Pattern Giant Wall Sticker Set

Transform your room in your own unique way with these great geometric pattern wall stickers.

These trendy geometric wall stickers can be positioned however you like as each triangle is a separate sticker.

Grow your pattern up your walls, over doors, onto the ceiling or even over a smooth laminate floor. The stickers will conform around corners with ease.

These vinyl wall stickers have a matt finish, so they look like they have been painted onto the wall.

Full colour instructions with pictures are included with all of our wall stickers.

Each set contains 21 triangles. 12 in colour one, and 9 in colour two.

Choose two colours from a selection of colours in the drop down boxes.
The quantity and dimensions of each triangle is given below.

Colour One:

1 x W115 x H130cm

2 x W57 x H65cm

4 x W39 x H44cm

5 x W28 x H32cm

Colour two:

2 x W57 x H65cm

7 x W28 x H32cm

(Please note the measurements are rounded up to the nearest cm.)