Fairy Cottage Door Wall Sticker

This adorable sticker set is a perfect way to add a little magic to any room.

Give a fairy (or Borrower) a home with this cute little cottage set, it looks especially wonderful in children's bedrooms as well as kitchens.

This vinyl wall sticker has a matt finish, so it looks like it has been painted onto the wall and is printed at an extremely high quality.

Simply peel and stick the stickers to the wall however you choose. All of our wall stickers are removable. Great for sticking onto walls, ceilings, furniture, windows and mirrors.

This sticker comes is available in two colours and in one size 
Each set comes with a door, window, washing line, buttercups, snail and a ladybird!

Available in Spring Blue or Autumn Red and in the following sizes:

Spring Blue: Whole Set W25cm x H23cm, Door only: W12cm x H14cm

Autumn Red: Whole Set W23cm x H23cm, Door only: W9cm x H14cm