Children's Tree And Animals Sticker Set

Transform your living room or child's bedroom with this cute wall sticker set!

This tree sticker set includes leaves, birds and a squirrel for you to place in whichever way you choose! This set will look great on any wall. Please bare in mind that this sticker requires some assembly.

Wall stickers are a simple and creative way to give some personality to any blank wall. The matt finish on the vinyl makes the wall sticker look like it has been painted on.

See images for more details on colour. For the two smaller sizes the tree trunk itself will be supplied in one piece. for the Extra Large the trunk will be split into two pieces (as shown in the images) and will require some assembly.


Dimensions are to the nearest centimetre.

Small: Tree (without leaves) W83cm x H93cm

Medium: Tree (without leaves) W114cm x H127cm

Large: Tree (without leaves) W176cm x H196cm

  Colour Palette