Children's Circus Wall Sticker Set

Transform your child's bedroom or playroom into a magical carnival wonderland with this fantastic circus wall sticker set!

This sticker set includes - 1x clown, 1x bear, 1x elephant, 1x circus ringleader, 5x strips of bunting, 1x circus sign, 1x circus tent and 22x stars. These stickers can be arranged in any way you wish!

Wall stickers are a simple and creative way to give some personality to any blank wall. The matt finish on the vinyl makes the wall sticker look like it has been painted on.

This sticker set comes in the colours and style shown in the images.


Dimensions are to the nearest centimetre.

Circus tent - W57cm x H81cm

Per bunting strip - W56cm x H12cm

Per star - W5cm x H5cm

Clown - W24cm x H48cm

Elephant - W39cm x H69cm

Bear - W30cm x H52cm

Circus sign - W46cm x H11cm

Circus ringleader - W34CM X H43cm