Bath Sign Vinyl Sticker

A chic wall sticker to compliment your relaxing bath time, with three different designs this sticker is a great piece for any bathroom.

The matt finish makes the sticker look like it has been painted onto the wall.

The vinyl graphic will be supplied with backing paper already applied to it, simply stick it to the wall and carefully peel off the backing paper. 

This wall sticker is available in the following sizes -

Design one - W57cm x H30cm, W90cm x H47cm, W150cm x H78cm, W200cm x H104cm

Design two - W57cm x H26cm, W90cm x H44cm, W150cm x H69cm, W200cm x H92cm

Design three - W57cm x H19cm, W90cm x H31cm, W150cm x H51cm, W200cm x H68cm