Personalised Slot Together Portable Camping Fire Pit

This solid steel personalised fire pit slots together in seconds, perfect for campfires which don't scorch the ground. Personalised with your chosen text.

The fire pit packs down into a compact size, complete with a carry handle. Simply unbolt the handle, and slot the four solid steel parts together to form a robust fire pit.

The design provides the perfect balance of ventilation for the fire, whilst shielding it from the wind.

Perfect for lighting fires without burning the grass.

Add a solid 3mm thick stainless steel grill to your firepit to turn it into a BBQ! The innovative design allows the grill to hinge out of the way, giving space to make the fire, then simply put the grill down when you are ready to cook. The optional grill is stainless steel which makes it hygenic and easy to clean. The grill intergrates into the flatpack design.

Personalise both sides of the fire pit with your chosen text.

Designed and made in England by Oakdene Designs.

Fire can be dangerous, always keep flammable material away from the surrounding area of the fire pit. Make sure that the fire pit is located on a sturdy, flat and non-flammable surface. Keep children and animals away from the fire. Do not touch the fire pit during use or for an hour after the fire has thoroughly gone out. Wait until all heat has left the fire pit before unassembling it.

Made from thick mild steel with a bamboo carry handle.

Clean the steel after use and coat it with a thin layer of oil to prevent rusting. It is normal for the fire pit to become discoloured with use, this will not effect the performance.

H19 x W28 x D28cm when slotted together. H19 x W28 x D28cm when slotted together. Approx 4.5kg excluding optional grill.