Personalised BBQ Whisky Oak Smoking Box Kit

A personalised smoking box complete with genuine oak whisky barrel wood chips. A complete kit for smoking food on a BBQ.

The smoke box will be made to order, with your chosen name cut out from the stainless steel lid.

This makes a brilliant gift for foodies and whisky lovers. The unique wood chips are from actual oak whisky barrels which have reached the end of their life, which could be 5 to 25+ years. These whisky infused oak chips flavour your food with a rich whisky aroma combined with the classic smoked oak flavour.

Simply fill the box with the wood chips and place it under the grill onto the heat source of your barbecue. The wood chips will then smoulder, filling the BBQ with flavoured smoke and infusing the food.


The smoking box measures W18 x D8 x H5cm.

There are 600g of whisky barrel oak chips included, which is enough to use the smoke box many many times.

Made From

The smoking box is 100% stainless steel and the wood chips are from oak whisky barrels.