'Alice In Wonderland' Self Adhesive Wallpaper

This beautiful wallpaper features a pattern of images based on the theme of Alice in Wonderland, including some of the original illustrations by John Tenniel.

This self adhesive Alice in Wonderland pattern adds a wonderfully unique touch to any room and makes a fabulous feature wall.

This wallpaper mural is printed to a very high quality with solvent free pigment inks which are highly fade resistant, onto a special fabric with a self-adhesive backing. This gives it the following advantages over normal wallpaper:

- Install it yourself without previous experience.

- Removes without a residue and can be re-used multiple times.

- It can be re-positioned.

- It does not rip or crease.

- Self-adhesive backing means it's mess free.

- Simply stick it over a normal painted wall or other flat surface.

This wallpaper is sold by the metre, choose the length required from the drop down menu. Remember that you can always trim the wallpaper down to size after sticking it on the wall. The pattern repeats every 30cm and will line up nicely with the neighbouring strip.

To order your self adhesive wall mural you must first decide how many metres you require as you will be applying it to your wall in 61cm wide strips. Then using the drop down menus simply select the length you require.

Customer Notes
Each roll is 61cm wide. This wallpaper is sold on a continuous roll by the meter, please use the drop down menu to choose the required length. When aligning this wallpaper it is useful to bare in mind that the pattern repeats every 30cm.