Monochrome Stag And Bull Skull Wall Sticker

These elegant stag skull stickers are a stunning way to create a feature wall in your home.

These stickers are an excellent conversation starter and suit most traditional and modern interior styles.

These stickers are easliy applied and removed without leaving glue residue on yours walls, just follow the instructions included.

The vinyl is matt, so you will not get any glare or reflections on the vinyl.

Full instructions are included.

These stickers are available individually and each skull comes in four sizes.


Deer Skull 1 (Small antlers) :

Small: W27cm x H79cm

Medium: W48cm x H142cm

Large: W75cm x H221cm

Deer Skull 2 (Larger antlers) :

Small: W49cm x H70cm

Medium: W83cm x H119cm

Large: W125cm x H180cm

Deer Skull 3 (Bull Horns) :

Small: W45cm x H44cm

Medium: W80cm x H78cm

Large: W140cm x H136cm