It's Getting Hot In Here: Spring/Summer 2015 Colour Inspiration

Innovation strikes us all and every single member of staff has input into our product design process and inspirations. I'm loving this year’s trends already and can't help but get excited for the warmer weather to come.

Spring and summer this year are all about love and exploration, the people, places and memories that inspire you. Our designers have been inspired by a number of exotic and romantic colours, patterns and materials.



Soft peachy and lilac hues of sunny days and sunrises and all those moody indigo and blue shades for those warm nights outside by a dying BBQ fire.

Colour is constantly a talking point in creating an ambiance in a room and many a psychologist has studied the extent we are affected by the colours we surround ourselves with.


Our favourite shades have started to feature in a number of our prints and products.

Peach, Lavender & Pink


Traditionally little girl ice cream colours, peach, lavender and pink have been given a contemporary upgrade even the big boys will love. Each shade has become interchangeable and work well together and even better as accents to warm the moody blue and aquamarines of 2015.

Interiors are not the only products benefiting from this revival. Wedding décor, fashion and even cocktails are jumping on the spring bandwagon.

However, you can have too much sugar and these sweet shades are no different. As accent colours they look perfect when balanced with neutral greys or contrasted with bright blues and muted greens.

Turquoise, Aquamarine & Indigo


Blue really is the new black and it’s on everything in every shade.


Many interior designers and bloggers have started to explore darker paint colours instead of the usually more popular white and cream with dramatic results. Even in small rooms, dark blues add a cosy modern feel and it’s an easy and cheap update for a room especially when overlaid with a picture wall to brighten it. Picture walls are a big trend this year and a marvellous way to display family photos and artworks you love. The more contrast there is, the better it all looks.

If indigo walls is just a little bit too dramatic for you then look to the more friendly and warmer turquoises and aquamarines. No need to paint these all over the wall unless you’re feeling brave they work extremely well as highlights in a white space or paired with contrasting colours like orange, yellow or pink. Turquoise is also becoming an extremely popular colour for children’s rooms and is perfect for both boys and girls, bolder is better.


You will see a number of our new products available in these shades to add a pop of colour or an oasis of calm to a contemporary, country or neutral décor. Including a few to inspire your wedding, party or event.