Making Mother’s Day Special

The trend at the moment seems to focus on not how much you spend but the thought that goes in to finding that special gift. This is the way it should be really, a definite must encourage trend!

I wanted to have a look at some of the most talked about ways of giving back to Mum this year other than the generic bouquet of flowers from the supermarket. Most fall in to one of two categories, ‘personalised’ and ‘DIY’, pretty self-explanatory right? You either buy something someone else has personalised for you or personalise something yourself.

Both are equally meaningful, not everyone has the time and skills to create a masterpiece or bake up a storm. Sometimes you just want something that’s not haphazard and won’t be chucked in the bin like your 5-year-old’s crafts from holiday club.  


Personalised gifts and photos printed on canvas are a maximum impact with minimum fuss kind of gift. The meaning and thought is not lost but when time is a commodity or you left it to the last minute they can prove to be the perfect option, if a little more pricey.


Personalised Gifts

Something we, at Oakdene Designs know A LOT about. Adding a name, date, special place or special song just adds something just a little bit extra to a gift. The art we have in our home is meant to be an expression of our lives and personality and there is nothing more personal than a gift personalised just for you! It makes Mummy’s surprise and pleasure that much better.


Photo Prints & Canvases

Parents pulling a photo album out whenever a friend or boyfriend comes over is now a thing of the past. I expect young people have more than enough embarrassing photos on their own Facebook that parents needn't bother anymore. Most people are far more open now about their lives since social media has arisen. However, having something tangible and real makes the special memories immortalised on canvases or in frames something just a bit more special for Mum.

At this time of year we are inundated with gorgeous close up shots of mother and baby or the whole family on last years holiday.


If you have time and are creative or have young children, DIY can be an excellent and particularly heart-warming style of gift.

Days Out

Older children or adults might prefer this option, rather than trying to find something for someone that seems like they have everything, you can take them on an adventure. Spending quality time can often be more what Mothering Sunday is about than buying flowers.

Afternoon tea with champagne is a popular choice but if you crave something more adventurous a gentle treasure hunt can be a fun way to spend the day with mum in some of your favourite local spots.


Breakfast In Bed

Always a winner and can be tied in with every other option. Let mum start the day out relaxed with breakfast in bed or if she’s an early riser a special decadent breakfast she wouldn’t normally make for herself. Carved strawberry roses are a fabulous idea and so easy to make! The look good as part of the breakfast or just a cute garnish on the side.


Make Your Own Card

DIY crafts are the new big thing and young or old, children love spending time on making something special rather than just picking a gift from a store. There are dozens of easy and simply ideas on Pinterest from making your own card to making your own frame for a photo.

One of my favourite ideas is this DIY Giant Paper Rose, it is supposed to be used as a wedding bouquet but looks fabulous and would make a gorgeous centre piece for mum’s breakfast table or on a smaller scale in a basket full of little gifts or used to make a 3D card.

Making something can be a cheaper option especially if you have scrap paper and fabric lying around but doesn’t lack impact or emotion.